Security Services

Security Services across the UK

From Site Security, Retail Security and Static Guarding to Mobile Patrols and Bodyguards, Extreme Security can offer it all!

No venue is too large or too small.  With our SIA badged and fully trained guards, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands, no matter what the eventuality.

We offer all types of security on your home, office or any other venue.  Whether you want one guard to keep your home safe, or a whole team for a national event we are here to help.

Security Services across the UK

Operating from our Macclesfield base and training centre, Extreme Security provide a range of security services across Macclesfield, Manchester, Cheshire and the UK.  Our security services cater for both private and commercial clientele.  Our staff are all suitably qualified to carry out the security detail they are assigned to and our training centre is Highfield Approved.  As a Highfield Approved training centre, we can ensure that all our staff meet the stringent levels expected of those working within the security industry.

Why Choose Us?

Put simply… we are the company that trains those in the security industry.  What better company to employ to cater for your security requirements than those that train the security industry.

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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol Service

Our Mobile Patrol Service packages are a great way to protect your premises without the expense of a full time Security Guard. We have trained officers who patrol the area throughout the day or evening, right through to the morning to ensure everything is in order and also to act as a deterrent to any potential burglars. A mobile unit can call at your property at intervals during any given period of time. These visits will be at varying times so as not to create a pattern.

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Static Security

Static Security to Protect Your Premises

Our team of smart and professional Security Guards can provide you with the safety and security of knowing that your home, industrial unit, warehouse or other property and their contents are well protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Chauffeur Services

Arrive in Comfort and Style

Perhaps you, a member of your family or a business associate may require a professional driver to take you to a private event or other function. One of our fully trained and experienced chauffeurs can arrange to collect you from your front door and ensure you arrive at your destination safely. You may even have a visitor that wants that special VIP treatment and a secure vehicle to take them to their choice of venue.

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Retail Security

Protecting your Retail Environment

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) have reported that crime figures are reducing due to retailers investing money to protect their premises. However in 2011 the cost of retail crime was still reported to be around £1.1 billion.

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Key Holding and Alarm Response Services


Extreme Security operate a Key Holding service for both commercial and domestic properties, that not only ensures you will always have a spare set of keys, but also that one of our trained Security Guards can attend your premises at any time of the day or night for alarm response or night time checks. Whether you are away on holiday, at work or just out and about, should the need arise, we can access your property safely and quickly.

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Holiday Security Cover

Help Keep Your Property Safe While You Are Away

Have you taken adequate safety precautions to secure the contents of your home whilst you are away on holiday? Going on holiday is an annual occurrence for most people and whilst much time is given to the preparation of the trip, how much time do you spend on securing your property and possessions whilst you are away?

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Protecting Your Home and Family

Home Security to Rely On

Your family, along with your home and personal possessions are probably the most important things in your life, so it is essential that you protect them and keep them safe with adequate home security. Our team of Security Guards can provide you with the safety and security of knowing that you, your home and possessions are well protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Concierge and Front of House

Front of House Concierge Personnel

Extreme Security can offer both Security and Non-Security Concierge Personnel for front of house assignments. Our Security Personnel are fully trained SIA Licensed Security Guards with excellent inter-personal skills, whilst our Non-Security Concierge Officers offer an excellent service for those in need of a more Personal Assistant type role.

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Family & Personal Security Escorting Service

Arrive Home Safely

One of the many worries people have in this day and age is returning to their home late at night, either on their own or with family. Perhaps you have been to a party or function or maybe even returning home after a late night flight. One of our Home Escorting Operatives can meet you at the front door or driveway and escort you into the premises safely.

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House Party Security

Stop Parties Getting Out of Hand

Are you leaving your teenage children at home whilst you go away, and worried that they will have a party at your house, or let a prearranged gathering get out of control?

With our new House Party Security option, our Guards can carry out Mobile Patrol Visits throughout the evening and night to check your home for any evidence of unwanted visitors.

Wedding Security2

Wedding Security

Don’t Let Thieves ruin your Big Day

A Wedding Security Guard is becoming a more and more popular sight, as most guests usually arrive at the venue with a beautifully wrapped gift. Often gifts of this type are quite high in value, and will usually be left on a table or in an area ready for the bride and groom to take them home with them later on.