Bodyguard services and close protection officers

Bodyguard Services & Close Protection Officers

Our bodyguard services and Close Protection Officers are amongst the most reputable in the UK.  Our bodyguard personnel/Close Protection Officers are highly qualified, experienced and professional.  Most of our bodyguards are ex-military and are used to working in high security situations.

Close-up of a security guard listening to his earpiece. Back of jacket showing.

Complete Protection

If you need a higher level of security, then you can opt for one of our highly trained Bodyguards and close protection officers.

Whether you require one Bodyguard or a full close protection team, we have many operatives, with varying levels of training.


Real-World Bodyguards and Close Protection

A popular misconception is that the role of the Bodyguard is usually a highly dramatised role, involving lots of car chases, weapons and explosions!  The reality is that the work of a real life bodyguard is much more sedate.  It will involve planning a route, searching buildings and cars and researching the client and their background and identifying any potential threats.  The main role is often to escort the client on their daily activities.

Most of our Officers have a military background, often serving in Forces such as the RAF, Army, Parachute Regiment and Military Police.  They have worked all over the world and experienced many rigorous demands, often working with VIP’s, celebrities and Royalty.


All bodyguards and Close Protection services start off with a full threat assessment and security plan, so we can have a complete understanding of your needs and requirements.


We offer services to clients working in many different fields, from celebrities or company directors to solicitors or sports people.