Concierge and Front of House

Concierge Services and Front of House Services

Extreme Security can offer both Security and Non-Security Concierge Personnel for front of house assignments.  Our Security Personnel are fully trained SIA Licensed Security Guards with excellent inter-personal skills, whilst our Non-Security Concierge Officers offer an excellent service for those in need of a more Personal Assistant type role.

Front of House Concierge Personnel

Security Concierge

An Extreme Security Concierge, particularly common in luxury apartment complexes or affluent estates, can often serve as the first point of contact when people arrive at the premises.  As well as being fully trained, SIA Licensed Security Guards, they will screen all visitors and deliveries to your home or site, and provide many other courtesy services including signing for packages, holding parcels or goods to be collected and being on hand for any requests from the residents.  They will also monitor all vehicles arriving at the premises and log car registration numbers.

Many luxury homes will have a security lodge at the entrance, meaning that the general public cannot just come and go as they please.  This can make it quite difficult when arranging for deliveries or visitors.  Our Security Concierge Service can take care of all of that for you.  As a 24 hour service, you can rest assured that all your visitors are screened and that only the ones you want to see will get through.

They are there to help to make your home secure as well as to be on hand help the residents to make their lives a little easier.

Non-Security Concierge

Our Non-Security Concierge will usually be based on a reception desk, or at the first point of contact within a housing complex or apartment block.  It is a little bit like having a personal assistant, just to help with those extra time consuming jobs.  They can view CCTV equipment, report any problems with any of the properties, call a repair man, sign for a parcel or phone the emergency services.

These are not security positions, and therefore most of the operatives will not be SIA Licensed.  They are designed to be more of an ‘extra pair of hands’.  You can arrange almost anything through our Concierge System, from having a bottle of wine chilling for your return home to arranging a taxi for a night out.   We can organise restaurant bookings, babysitting services or hire staff for your forthcoming party.

Having an Extreme Security Concierge is just like having your own Personal Assistant!