Keyholding and Alarm Response

Key Holding Service and Alarm Response

Extreme Security operate a Key Holding service for both commercial and domestic properties, that not only ensures you will always have a spare set of keys, but also that one of our trained Security Guards can attend your premises at any time of the day or night for alarm response or night time checks.  Whether you are away on holiday, at work or just out and about, should the need arise, we can access your property safely and quickly.


Key Holding Service

Why put yourself at risk in the middle of the night if you get an alarm call out.  We can attend any call outs for you and if you want to attend the premises yourself, then we can arrange to meet you on site or escort you there if you prefer.

All of our Guards are fully trained, licensed and understand the need for total reliability, confidentiality and discretion at all times when undertaking keyholding duties and we guarantee they will remain professional at all times.

There are many reasons you may want a Keyholding service.  It is not just for alarm response, but if you are away, then we can also do a walk round check of your premises and if needed, an inside check of the property too.  We will check for any visible mail, delivered parcels or any other indication that the property is empty.  You are assured of complete discretion at all times and our Guard will carry out his duties, then safely lock up and leave.

Evening Lock Up

To help to maintain levels of staff safety, we will also lock up your premises on your behalf.  One or more of our Security Guards can attend the premises at a given time, secure the premises and then lock up and leave.  This ensures total safety for the staff and means they are less vulnerable as they leave the site.  Again, this can be done purely by the Guard, or if you prefer, we can act as an escort and just simply be on hand to make sure the staff are safe whilst completing the evening lock up.  As with all Extreme Security services, the evening lock up service is extended to both domestic and commercial premises and can run hand in hand with our Keyholding service and alarm response.



Whether it is a genuine callout or a false alarm, we will attend, and whatever the cause, one of our Security Guards will fully check the premises and if necessary make it safe before leaving.  So should you have a broken window or damaged door lock, our Guard can arrange for this to be repaired or made safe before leaving the site.  If for any reason they cannot lock up, then the Guard will remain at the premises until such time that damage is repaired.

Alarm Response removes the need for your staff to attend the premises whether it is day or night.

Alarm Response

Alarm Response can also run along side our Keyholding Service, and will guarantee that at any time of the day and night we will answer an alarm call out at your property.  It could be a burglar alarm, fire alarm or movement detected on your CCTV system.

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