Static Security Guards

Static Security Guards to Protect Your Property

Static Security to Protect Your Premises

Our team of smart and professional Security Guards can provide you with the safety and security of knowing that your home, industrial unit, warehouse or other property and their contents are well protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you require a Static Security Guard or Mobile Patrol Vehicle, Extreme Security of Macclesfield will give you peace of mind that someone is looking after you.

All our Security Officers are carefully vetted, fully trained and approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).  Many have military backgrounds and many years’ experience in this field.

Our Security Guards have full liveried uniforms and carry radios at all times with regular Control Centre checks to ensure contact at all times.  You can be assured that they will maintain an exemplary standard of confidentiality and discretion throughout.

If you wish, they will also monitor your CCTV for you and liaise with the Police if necessary.

Keep Your Business Secure

We can provide Security Guards for factories, security for warehouses and security for other types of units.  It is a sad fact that factories and industrial units that are left empty at night time and during weekends and holidays are prime targets for thieves and vandals.

We want to help you secure your premises during these times.

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To help you to protect your premises and to deter thieves from entering, for extra peace of mind, you could use one or more of our Static Security Guards.

To help you to protect your premises and to deter thieves from entering, for extra peace of mind, you could use one or more of our Static Security Guards.

As well as having an onsite presence, we will provide one or more discreet board(s) to be placed outside the premises warning that you have on site security.  Often this is deterrent enough to stop a burglar from breaking and entering.

During the evening our Security Guards will patrol the site and have use of our Diester system, which is a point to point recordable system, whereby every patrol is logged and the time it was checked.  Patrols will be made by our Security Guards outside the building and checks will be made on doors, windows and fences etc.

Our Security Guards can also monitor any CCTV systems that may be onsite, and will log any suspicious activity.  The Guards can also ensure that any late or loan workers are kept safe, escorting them to their vehicles when they leave, if they wish.

Helping to Secure Your Home

You may want someone to protect your home whilst you are on holiday or just a general check around during the day whether you are home or not.

We can provide Static Security Guards that can be based on site at your premises, or we can deploy security patrols to your premises several times throughout the day or night.  It all depends on your requirements.  If your home is left empty for any length of time, you may wish for a permanent Static Guard.  Alternatively you may just want one of our Mobile Patrols to call during the night to make a security check all around the outside of the premises to check all is OK.

All of our visits and checks are logged, and no two visits will be at the same time so as not to create a pattern.