Wedding Security and Function Security

Don’t Let Thieves ruin your Big Day

Wedding Security Guards are becoming a more and more popular sight, ensuring that gifts and guests are kept safe and secure at all times.  Often gifts for these occasions are high in value, and will usually be left on a table or in an area ready for the bride and groom to take them home with them later on.

 As much as we don’t like to think it will happen, gifts are a magnet to thieves. Although no doubt you trust your family and friends implicitly, there will be many other people around the reception venue on your special day and our Wedding Security Guard will look after them for you.

Many of the larger venues will have more than one function per day, or it has been known for the general public just to walk into a venue unnoticed and have a look around.

One of our Wedding Security Guards will ‘watch over’ your gifts and even accept them on your behalf, so you know that at the end of the day, you can go home and open all your new gifts.

Wedding Security2

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It is not only your gifts we can protect, our Wedding Security Guard can also act as a Concierge to offer visitors assistance with directions or advice about the venue and also to deter unwanted guests from attending the ceremony or party.

There are many services we can provide to help with your big day including a Wedding Security Guard,Concierge, Bodyguard or Chauffeur.