Close Protection Training Course

Close Protection Course

HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection (QCF)

The Close Protection course covers all aspects as stipulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) with enhanced elements incorporated by the training team.  Our 3 week Close Protection course helps you progress and develop all the basic skills and techniques of the Professional Close Protection Officer; these skills are taught through theory, scenarios and practical exercises, followed by in-depth debriefing and coaching for all candidates.  The training methods that we use on our Close Protection course are of the highest standard and directed at such a level to cater for ALL learning styles and needs.

The SIA 149 Hours (Minimum) Close Protection Course syllabus requirements are as follows:

  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Surveillance Awareness
  • Operational Planning
  • Law and Legislation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Close Protection Team Work
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close Protection Foot Techniques
  • Route Selection
  • Use of Close Protection Vehicle Techniques
  • Search Awareness
  • Incidents and Dilemmas
  • Venue Based Security
  • Communication and Conflict Management Skills

Throughout the course it will be vital for students to take notes and complete all the set assignments in order to build up a portfolio as evidence that you have completed the Close Protection Officer Course.  You will continue to develop your skill areas learnt in week one and you will be introduced some more advanced skills in week 2.

The Close Protection course will culminate with several live exercises and scenarios with a real live reconnaissance and surveillance of a (Live) Principle in active locations, in the final week (week 3) this will also include Close Combat (Self-Defence) techniques using hand-to-hand combat and weapon defensive/evasive techniques.  The final week will end with a Theory and Practical Assessment (to SIA HABC Level 3 (QCF) Standards), which is required for the SIA Close Protection Officer Licence in the UK.