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Retail Security Solutions for Shops, Outlets and Centres

Protecting your Retail Environment

Providing first class retail security solutions to protect your retail environment is a role we take seriously.  The British Retail Consortium (BRC) have reported that crime figures are reducing due to retailers investing money to protect their premises.  However in 2011 the cost of retail crime was still reported to be around £1.1 billion.

From spur of the moment shoplifting to more organised retail crime, we can help to reduce crime rates.  There are many ways in which Retail Security Guards provided by Extreme Security Ltd. can help to protect your premises.  We can provide a CCTV system, CCTV operators, onsite Retail Security Guards or Evening Mobile Patrols.  We offer professional and efficient solutions for all your retail security needs.


Extreme Security Ltd. can provide staff for your Retail Security CCTV monitoringCCTV

Retail Security Cameras provide an excellent way to watch over a store, shopping complex or warehouse.  One of our retail security officers skilled in CCTV operation can help protect against all manner of threats including opportunist thieves or dishonest staff.  We can provide skilled CCTV operators to your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can also provide help with undercover surveillance to detect any ‘inside jobs’ and monitoring stock going missing.




We provide a range of retail security solutions to all manner of retail environmentsShopping Centres and Retail Outlets

Our Shopping Centre Retail Security Guards are an excellent deterrent against retail crime.  They are a constant lookout for any suspicious activity.  Not only do they protect against theft, but they also help with any disturbances and threatening behaviour from shoppers and even reunite lost children with their parents!

We want to help you to provide a safe and secure environment for families to shop.




As well as retail security, Extreme security can provide installed or ticketing systems to ensure your parking spaces remain for the use of you or your employeesParking Solutions

Do you have problems with unauthorised vehicles parking in your spaces?

We can put a stop to this type of activity by introducing barriers and ticket systems.  If you want to eliminate vehicles from getting in then a barrier or post system is an ideal parking solution.

If installing equipment is not appropriate we can operate a warning system that allows us to issue parking tickets should anyone ignore the signs!